"Oregon Coast Legacy Hike"
Promoting the Vision of Conservation for the Oregon Coast

Press Release with Print Quality Images
 Oregon Coast Legacy Hike
Promotes Conservation Plan

Daily Itinerary for Oregon Coast Legacy Hike
. . . . July 14th to August 12th
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"Oregon Coast Legacy Hike:
. . . A Vision with Stories & Songs"

Oregon Coast Trail: "The Outward Journey"
 Hike along the Oregon Coast
. . . in images and words

Oregon Coast Trail: "The Inner Journey"
 "Psyche" along the Oregon Coast
. . . with this "compass"

Oregon Coast Trail:  Map/Brochure
 Oregon State Parks "Coastal Guide"
. . . their pdf file link

Oregon Coast Trail: The "Big Link"
 Sharing America's "West Coast Trail" Vision
. . . with the American Land Conservancy

Oregon Coast Trail: Hiking Books
 Recommended Resources
. . . from day hiking to multi-day treks!

The Oregon Coast:
. . . a prayer