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    1. Day-Use Fees On State and Federal Lands



    2. Recreational Trails Involving Motorized and Human-Powered User Groups



    3. Conflicts Among Different Trail User-Groups



    4. Recreation/Public Access and Environmental Preservation



    5. Coastal Development and Public Access, Open Space, Wildlife Habitat, and Viewsheds




    6. What are some or all of the land or water coastal trails (and shoreline trails along rivers and lakes) that exist or are being built in your state or geographic region?



    7. What trail groups and conservation organizations exist in your state?



    8. Can you offer any ideas or information about how we could do public outreach in your state?



    9. Can you offer any ideas or information about how we could raise needed financial support or obtain other needed resources in general or specifically within your state?



    10. Why are coastal trails important to you?



    11. What additional information would you like to see in other sections of our webpage?



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