Books About Major Sections of
America's West Coast Trail

Washington Coast Trail

Exploring Washington's Wild Olympic Coast
by David Hooper and published by The Mountaineers

Exploring Washington's Wild Olympic Coast draws a comprehensive portrait
of this precious natural resource while guiding hikers and backpackers
along its 60-mile length. The hikes in this coastwalker's companion begin
at Cape Flattery and extend south to the Queets River, with complete directions,
descriptions, and access points provided for all. Whether done in a day
or linked together for longer trips, these walks are both educational and
enjoyable. For the ultimate coastal experience, camping and leisurely exploring
are a must. Here's how and where without getting outsmarted by the changing
tides. An epilogue on the environmental future of the Olympic Coast reminds
us of our own good fortune in intimately knowing such a wilderness, and
of our responsibility to preserve it for those who have not yet had the
NOTE: Unfortunately this book is apparently out-of-print, and used copies can only be obtained with much difficulty and for relatively high prices.

Oregon Coast Trail

100 Hikes/Travel Guide,
Oregon Coast & Coast Range, Second Edition
by William L. Sullivan and published by Navillus Press

Whether you're touring Highway 101or exploring off the beaten path,
this guide has everything you'll need to plan a trip to Oregon's spectacular
coast. Flip to the book's 18 Travel Guide sections for tips on discovering
lighthouses, secluded beaches, campgrounds, and quaint Old Town harbors.
Here too are suggestions for birdwatching, kayaking, bicycling, and tidepooling.
The 100 Hikes guide features easy-to-read maps and detailed descriptions
of best hikes for kids, trails near campgrounds, and old-growth forest
paths. There's even a list of 42 paved, planked, or graveled trails accessible
to everyone.

BONUS: This book also includes information just north and south of
the Oregon Coast into both Washington's Long Beach Penninsula
and California's Redwood National and State Parks.

120 Hikes on the Oregon Coast, Second Edition
by Bonnie Henderson and published by The Mountaineers

Whether you want to focus on your favorite region or see what's around
the next bend, use this comprehensive guide to find the best nonmotorized
recreation opportunities from the Columbia River to the California border.
Includes thorough descriptions of every hiking trail, best tidepooling
and wildlife watching spots, outstanding beach walks, great places for
canoeing and kayaking, beach safety and etiquette, and a complete Oregon
Coast Trail guide.

California Coastal Trail


Hiking the California Coastal Trail,
Volumes One and Two
by Bob Lorentzen and Richard Nichols
Co-published by Bored Feet Press and Coastwalk

Explore the wonders of California's coast from remote beaches to quaint villages, coastal wetlands to rugged mountains, wilderness areas to gorgeous urban waterfronts.  America's most diverse long-distance trail explores the 1,200 miles of California's  enthralling shore.  This is the first complete guide in two volumes; Volume One 600 miles from Oregon to Monterey and Volume Two 600 miles from Monterey to Mexico.  Excellent detailed maps, resources, and articles on coastal attractions, history and issues.


A Walk Along Land's End,
Discovering California's Unknown Coast
by John McKinney and published by HarperCollins West

Los Angeles Times hiking columnist and award-winning author Johh McKinney writes a reflective book on walking the length of its changing coastline --a personal memoir of adventure, discovery, and of the happiness and heartbreak it brought to him.  As McKinney notes, " . . . And so the book you are holding is not a guidebook, not a guide to anything except the path taken by my feet and by my heart."