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Our primary vision for Oregon is a complete, continuous, well maintained, managed and protected Oregon Coast Trail with the public access, facilities and information needed to provide a quality recreational experience for hikers.  Our support comes primarily from individual donors, people just like you, and it helps fund our projects to make it all happen. This website is one project of the National Coast Trail Association to freely provide you with the basic information you need to get out and hike coastal trails in Oregon.

You've most likely already benefited from the information we've researched, developed and organized here through our education program, thereby providing you some of the knowledge you need and also saving you time in planning your trip.  Of course, developing and maintaining this website alone takes time and other resources to make it all happen, as do our trail development and conservation programs, too.

Let's create the kind of world you'd like to see it become -- with recreational trails, public access and coastal preservation - especially for our projects along the Oregon Coast Trail!
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