"Links to the Linkages!"

Link 1 - Portland Trails - Maine
Great full color map of the trail system in the Greater Portland Area!

Link 2 - Mountain Division Trail - Maine
The first 4.7 miles of this 45-mile envisioned "rails with trails" concept were just opened in 2003.

Link 3 - Wildcat River Trail (White Mountain National Forest) - New Hampshire
The US Forest Service has a comprehensive map of the White Mountain National Forest showing trails for recreational use.  Contact their office in Laconia, New Hampshire at (603) 528-8721 to order a map.

Be Safe in the White Mountains
Being prepared for a safe hike is a key element of going anywhere, but especially in the White Mountains since hypothermia can set in even during the summer months.

Link 4 - Appalachian Trail - New Hampshire and Vermont
The Appalachian Trail Conference provides great resources for hikers on this well-known trail system, complete with guide books and maps.  The Appalachian Trail Guide to New Hampshire-Vermont is the volume you need to do the section of the Great Northeast Trail that travels it.  Maps are also included.

Link 5 - Long Trail - Vermont
The Green Mountain Club Long Trail Guide is THE book for hiking Vermont's high ridge, and includes great information and maps within its covers.

Link 6 - Cross Vermont Trail - Vermont
This trail concept, part reality, part vision, allows one to travel east-west across the state.

Link 7 - Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail - Vermont and New York
The Lake Champlain Committee offers a fine paddling guide -- The Lake Champlain Paddlers' Guidebook & Stewardship Manual and a one-year membership not only gets you the guide but entitles you to camp in certian areas not available to the general public.

Link 8 - New York State Canal System - New York
The New York State Canal Corporation offers a GREAT book -- The Cruising Guide To The New York Sate Canal System.  It includes attractions, amenities, and facilities along the Champlain, Erie, Oswego, and Cayuga-Seneca  Canals!  A must for anyone paddling the canal system by kayak or canoe!