Itinerary - "Atlantic to Great Lakes!"


Revised on Saturday, August 7th


  • This information is provided for the use of the media only to ASSIST them in PLANNING to connect with the event directly in the field for interviews.
  • NOTE: The director will attempt to retrieve messages as often as possible, however, this is not always possible on a daily basis and a lag time of a few days may occur before receiving a response.  Cell phone coverage often does not work in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and this may also be expected in the Green Mountains of Vermont as well.  
  • Call 503-335-3876, leave a detailed message with the best or multiple phone numbers to reach you for phone interviews or to arrange meetings in the field.
  • The itinerary below indicates the place the event will BEGIN on any given date, and generally will start about 6 AM for hiking, 7 AM for paddling.

HIKE: approx. 400 miles

Portland Trails - 1 day

Connect from Portland, Maine to Mountain Division Trail - 1 day

Mountain Division Trail - 4 days

Connect Fryeburg, Maine to North Conway, New Hampshire - 1 day

North Conway, New Hampshire to Wildcat River Trail (White Mountain National Forest) - 1 day

Appalachian Trail, Carter Notch to Long Trail junction - 19 days

Long Trail - 6 days

Cross-Vermont Trail - 2 days

PADDLE: approx. 300 miles

Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail - 5 days

Connect from Paddlers' Trail to Canals - 1 day

New York State Canal Trail - 17 days

That's 60 days for about 700 miles, about 12 miles per day average.

Wednesday, July 21, Leave Portland, Oregon for Nashua, NH, drive to Portland, Maine

Thursday, July 22, Final Preparations, Portland, Maine

Portland Trails (Linking up existing urban trails)

Friday, July 23 - Begin at Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth ("Portland, Maine")

End at Fore River Sanctuary Parking Lot, Portland Maine

Connection to Mountain Division Trail (Reaching the first existing section for a proposed rail trail)

Saturday, July 24 - Fore River Sanctuary Parking Lot, Portland, Maine

Mountain Division Trail (Begin on existing section of a proposed rail trail)

Sunday, July 25 - Gambo Rec. Area Trailhead Parking Lot, Windham, Maine

Monday, July 26 - Intersection of Rts. 113 & 11, Steep Falls, Maine

Tuesday, July 27 - Intersection of Rts. 113 & 117, Hiram, Maine

Wednesday, July 28 - Tourist Information Center, Haleytown Rd and Rt. 302, Fryeburg, Maine

Connect from Fryeburg, Maine to North Conway, New Hampshire

Thursday, July 29 - Chamber of Commerce, Main & Seavey Sts., North Conway, N.H.

Connect from North Conway, NH to Wildcat River Trail (White Mountain National Forest)

Friday, July 30 – End Carter Notch Road, North of Jackson, N.H.

Appalachian Trail (From Carter Notch in New Hampshire to junction with Long Trail in Vermont

Saturday, July 31 – Wildcat Ridge (near Ski Gondola)

Sunday, Aug. 1 - Mt. Washington

Monday, Aug 2 – Nauman Tent site 

Tuesday, Aug 3 – Zealand Falls Hut (will use Mt. Avalon Trail and A-Z Trail as alternative routes)

Wednesday, Aug 4 – Garfield Ridge Campsite

Thursday, Aug 5 – REST DAY

Friday, Aug 6 – REST DAY

Saturday, Aug 7 - Lafayette Place Campground, Rt. 3, Franconia Notch (via Greenleaf Trail & Bridle Path)

Sunday, Aug 8 – Eliza Brook Shelter

Monday, Aug 9 – Beaver Brook Shelter

Tuesday, Aug 10 – Jeffers Brook Shelter (or Glencliff Hiker’s Hostel)

Wednesday, Aug 11 – Ore Hill Shelter

Thursday, Aug 12 – Hexacuba Shelter

Friday, Aug 13 – Smarts Mountain Tentsite

Saturday, Aug 14 – Trapper John Shelter

Sunday, Aug 15 - Three Mile Road, Parking Lot

Monday, Aug 16 - Dartmouth Outing Club, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hamshire

Tuesday, Aug 17 – Thistle Hill Shelter

Wednesday, Aug 18 - Vermont Route 12, Parking Lot

Thursday, Aug 19 – Stony Brook Shelter

Friday, Aug 20 - Gifford Woods State Park, Route 100 (2 more miles to Long Trail)

Long Trail from junction with Appalachian Trail to Jonesville Bridge over the Winooski River.

Saturday, Aug 21 - David Logan Shelter (via New Boston Trail)

Sunday, Aug 22 - Brandon Gap, Route 73

Monday, Aug 23 - Middlebury Gap, Route 125

Tuesday, Aug 24 - Cooley Glen Shelter

Wednesday, Aug 25 - Route 17, Appalachian Gap

Thursday, Aug 26 - Montclair Glen Lodge

Cross Vermont Trail (Existing and Proposed)

Friday, Aug 27 - Jonesville Bridge, Jonesville, Vermont (begin Cross Vermont Trail tomorrow)

Saturday, Aug 28 - Bicycle Path, North Williston Rodd (near Rt 2 and Lefebvre Lane), Williston, VT

Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail

Sunday, Aug 29 - Boat Launch, east of Ethan Allen Homestead, Winooski River, Burlington, VT

Monday, Aug 30 - North Beach Park, Burlington, VT

Tuesday, Aug 31 - Split Rock Mountain Preserve Campsite, New York

Wednesday, Sept 1 - D.A.R. State Park, Route 17, south of West Addison, VT

Thursday, Sept 2 - Boat Launch, Route 73, just north of Meadow Lane and below Rt 74

Connection from Lake Champlain Paddler's Trail to New York State Canal System

Friday, Sept 3 - Boat Launch, Lake Road, Benson Landing, VT

Champlain Canal

Saturday, Sept 4 - Lock 12 Marina, Whitehall, New York (Begin Champlain Canal)

Sunday, Sept 5 - Fort Ann Public Dock, Route 149, Fort Ann, NY east side of canal, south of road

Monday, Sept 6 - Fort Edward Public Dock, Fort Edward, NY, Route 4 near Broadway Bridge

Tuesday, Sept 7 - Informal Boat Launch, 2 to 3 miles n. of Saratoga National His. Pk., Route 4, Stillwater, NY

Wednesday, Sept 8 - Mechanicville, NY, Boat Launch at intersections Routes 4 and 67

Thursday, Sept 9 - Waterford Harbor Visitor Center, Waterford, NY, boat launch, near 4th St. Bridge

Erie Canal

Friday, Sept 10 - Kiwanis Boat Launch Ramp, Route 5S, near I-890 bridge, Rotterdam, NY (Day 1 Erie Canal)

Saturday, Sept 11 - State Boat Launch Ramp, Duffel Road off of Rt. 5S just south of Fort Hunter, NY

Sunday, Sept 12 - State Boat Launch Ramp, Rt 10, north, intersection of Rt 5S, south of Palatine Bridge, NY

Monday, Sept 13 - Little Falls Canal Harbor, road northwest of Route 167, Little Falls, NY

Tuesday, Sept 14 - Frankfort Harbor Marina, near Rt 96 and 171, Frankfort, NY

Wednesday, Sept 15 - Marcy Marina, Marcy, NY

Thursday, Sept 16 - Riverside Marina, Inc., Rome, NY

Friday, Sept 17 - Day 50 - Lone Pine Marina and Campground, Sylvan Beach, NY (east end of Oneida Lake)

Saturday, Sept 18 - Oneida Bay Marina, Cicero, NY (near Norcross Point)

Oswego Canal

Sunday, Sept 19 - Three Rivers Terminal, Route 57, Three Rivers, NY (Begin Champlain Canal)

Monday, Sept 20 - Minetto River View Park, Route 25, Minetto, New York and

Finish at Lake Ontario, Oswego International Marina, City of Oswego, New York

Tuesday, Sept 21 - Extra day budgeted in for unforeseen circumstances.

Wednesday, Sept 22 - Drive to South Woodstock, VT

Thursday, Sept 23 - Drive to Nashua, NH to fly back to Portland, Oregon approx. at 12 Noon