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The Oregon Coast Trail is envisioned as a continuous hiking route stretching about 400 miles from the Columbia River to the California border!

Roughly 200 miles uses the beach and 155 miles is along completed inland trails and roadway sections with 45 miles of gaps to be developed.
Trail development began in 1971 by Oregon State Parks, the agency declared it "hikable" in 1988 and continues to build new sections.  Their "Connection Strategy" released in 2011 proposed a target date of 2021 for completion.  Although still a "work-in-progress," it offers varied recreational opportunities from day hikes to overnight treks and the challenges of potentially thru-hiking the entire length of the Oregon coast.

This website was developed by the National Coast Trail Association to address the apparent growing need for information, especially for detailed maps and for logistic planning, such that backpackers could make overnight treks or embrace the challenges associated with thru-hiking the entire route.

Like the trail, this website is a "work-in-progress" with new information being added over time and eventually expanded for a variety of users.  T
his website offers both general and specific information about the Oregon Coast Trail.  General information already available elsewhere and also that is developed by us will be freely offered to everyone.  A future objective is to provide specific information that is specially researched and created by us to those who become supporting members or simply make a nominal online donation.  Visit JOIN to learn how your support can help to realize the vision of an Oregon Coast Trail!

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